CAG SR 2017-2018

Our sustainability approach is a collaborative one which has been developed through close interactions with our airport partners.We have grouped our initiatives into six sustainability thrusts that resonate with CAG and which are mapped to Singapore’s national objectives and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. FULFILLING CAREERS Our family of over 1,900 passionate and exceptional employees is the lifeblood of CAG.We strive to bring out the best in our employees by developing them holistically throughout their careers and fostering a unique Changi spirit. Employee turnover rate of 5.7% is significantly lower than the annualised national labour turnover rate of 21.6% and the air transport industry’s turnover rate of 10.8%. CAG has also been recognised as Singapore’s most attractive employer by Randstad for the second time. SAFEGUARDING LIVES We place a premium on the safety of both the airport community and our travellers. In this regard, Changi Airport has received a deficiency- free rating from the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Associations (“IFALPA”) 37 times.We also had zero employee work-related fatalities for Financial Year 2017/18. Behind the scenes, CAG coordinates airport-wide contingency drills every year to validate emergency-response procedures and work with our airport partners to cultivate an airside safety culture. All these are done to ensure a safe travel experience and operating environment. W e are pleased to share with the Changi Airport community and our stakeholders, the inaugural Changi Airport Group (“CAG”) Sustainability Report (“SR”). Sustainability, in terms of CAG’s efforts across the economic, environmental, social and corporate governance dimensions, is deeply integrated into our Vision of ‘Exceptional People, Connecting Lives’.The heartbeat of Changi Airport is its 50,000-strong ONE Changi community where a Sustainable Changi is a future we build together. With the opening of Terminal 4 in October 2017, our passenger terminals have the capacity to handle up to 82 million passengers per annum. In 2019, Jewel Changi Airport will be another gem to be unveiled as a destination unto itself, offering exciting facilities and attractions for our travellers as well as Singapore residents.We are also designing and building our future airport site at Changi East, which will boost operating capacity to over 130 million passengers per annum. Our developments are designed with environmental considerations and to create value for our stakeholders by operating Changi Airport in a sustainable manner. INVIGORATING TRAVELS Changi Airport has a special place in the heart for many Singaporeans and is the first point of contact with Singapore for our international travellers.We aim to consistently make the travel experience a refreshing one through the attributes of the Changi Service DNA – Personalised, Stress- Free and Positively Surprising. We rejuvenate our facilities to keep pace with the changing needs of our travellers and have a year- round calendar of themed events to create unique Changi moments. As a testament of travellers’ airport experience, Changi Airport has been voted the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax for six consecutive years. Lee Seow Hiang Chief Executive Officer “ The heartbeat of Changi Airport is its 50,000-strong ONE Changi community where a Sustainable Changi is a future we build together ” CEO’s Message CH ANG I A I R POR T GR OU P 4 5 B E YOND AN A I R POR T